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Ovobel_Notice and Notes of 28th AGM dated 26.11.2020

Notice of 27th AGM dated 23.09.2019

Notice of 26th AGM dated 24.09.2018

Notice of 25th AGM dated 18.09.2017

Notice of 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016

Proceedings of 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016_Reg 30

Scrutinizers Report in Form MGT-13 of 24th AGM(2015-16)

Voting Results 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016(2015-16)




Report from Scrutinizer in Form MGT-13-Ovobel Foods Limited

Annexure A to MGT-13

Annexure B to MGT-13

Proceeding of Annual General Meeting_30.12.2014

Scrutinizer’s Report in Form MGT-13 for the EGM dated 21.03.2016

Notice for EGM dated 21.03.2016