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Notice of 26th AGM dated 24.09.2018

Notice of 25th AGM dated 18.09.2017

Notice of 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016

Proceedings of 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016_Reg 30

Scrutinizers Report in Form MGT-13 of 24th AGM(2015-16)

Voting Results 24th AGM dated 29.12.2016(2015-16)




Report from Scrutinizer in Form MGT-13-Ovobel Foods Limited

Annexure A to MGT-13

Annexure B to MGT-13

Proceeding of Annual General Meeting_30.12.2014

Scrutinizer’s Report in Form MGT-13 for the EGM dated 21.03.2016

Notice for EGM dated 21.03.2016