technician 1Our Factory was constructed in 1995-96 in collaboration with a Belgium Company, OVOBEL N.V. and the entire process technology is from Ovobel N.V.

All our machines are from USA & Holland.

The entire piping system is fabricated from European sanitary quality stainless steel.

All process piping and machinery can be cleaned by a central CIP system using highly effective cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.
Utilities are housed in a separate building to segregate the fumes and other contaminants from the processing area.

The best quality eggs are required to make high quality powders. That’s why Ovobel sources first quality, wholesome and sterile hen eggs from notified farms, which are under periodic supervision.

Periodic checks also ensure that feed with harmful pesticides or antibiotics are not used so as to avoid undesirable residues in the final product. Ovobel’s processing techniques represent state-of-the-art in the industry.


image003The egg – breaking machines are high speed and fully mechanized.

The egg liquid is carefully inspected, filtered and kept at refrigerated temperatures for further processing.

Pasteurization which is at the heart of an egg-processing factory, is carried out in a triple tube UHT pasteurizer to guarantee a fully safe product.

The unit is fitted with automatic control and recording of pasteurization condition.

Ovobel’s albumen powder is stabilized by de-sugaring through fermentation using the yeast/enzyme/bacterial procedure in constantly stirred reactors.

technician 2Spray drying is carried out in box-type driers, at low temperatures, using indirectly heated and filtered air.

The dried powder is packed in sanitary conditions untouched by hand.

Pasteurized egg is filled in a sanitary filling line and frozen hard at -18 ˚C

A world market demands a world class manufacturing facility. Ovobel Foods, with its state-of-the-art factory and trained workforce has more than met this requirement.





image008Ovobel has membrane concentration system to remove water from whole egg and albumen liquids without application of heat. This concentrated liquid is further spray dried to get powder.